Ala Gialla is a multi-faceted musician: she is a pianist, a composer, an arranger, a teacher and an author. She has graced the stage performing with various singers, instrumentalists, choirs and orchestras around the world. She has been a juror for international music competitions and a consultant and coach for piano students and teachers worldwide.

She has recently started focusing on composing and performing her own original music of a classical crossover style. She wants her music to be understood and enjoyable to anyone and everyone.

Ala has a classical music training background. She has a Master’s degree in piano performance from Indiana University, and she is a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (UK).

Spellbinding audiences with her inimitable piano solos, Ala’s carefully crafted and cinematic soundtracks immerse listeners in a whole different state of mind.

Ala Gialla’s ingenious and mesmerizing singles include “Autumn” and “Running Away”, released in December 2022. The scintillating tracks were followed by her first piano album, “A New Beginning”, which was released in mid-December 2022. Focusing on pure piano music for now, Ala Gialla intends to venture into a more diverse instrumental and cinematic style, complementing the background score for contemporary media productions.